Confetti Nebula

When I started this I had a vision in mind without a name. I had a plan that underwent revision mid process. I was driving this past week and heard a story on NPR about comparing human life to the length of a football field. As it turns out when you list the history of the earth in comparison to 100 yards, humans only show up in the very last fraction of an inch.

Then I thought about change, space and time. I’d selected a dye called Deep Space, so I began to read about deep space and structures within it. 

The word Nebula spoke to me, grabbed on to me, proclaiming itself the name that should be. It drew together my fraction of an inch on a football field and deep space. The formation with tiny particles slowly floating and forming together to become a Nebula.

I’ve attempted to convey to flight of a particle into the greater formation in a whimsical manner. These are the photos of how Nebula came to be.

[series of images showing a yellow polka dot wrap changing to pure white, and then being dyed a bright dark blue with a whimsical dot pattern]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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