Wear Conference 2017

I’m so excited to be attending Wear Conference this year again in Chicago. Last year I attended as a way to meet like minded people as a new resident to the area. Little did I know that fate played a very cruel trick on me and the big kids school year ended the day prior to the conference, not three week later like it would have in Pennsylvania.

Off we went the trio of kids and I to the first day. It was quite the experience. I was not prepared for the conference to be well, so prepared. Everything was very well thought out from potty seats on all the bathroom doors to water and toys in every room. Despite it not being the plan we ended up having a great first day all around.

The rest of the conference I had just the baby with me and I was able to take in more from the sessions. The speakers were amazing and several even offered the option to email their presentations afterwards for participants to review again as needed. I took a lot away from the conference that helped me grow both as a babywearer and a person.

This year I am looking forward to so many things its hard to list them all! There are quite a few session I have marked as must attends based on last years experience and how much I enjoyed the speaker. Mat York’s session on Breaking Dad’s out of the SSC shell is one I’ve marked down for Husband pointers here. Ben Winton’s session on How Finding the Perfect Carrier is Like Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans is not to be missed. And of course the one and only Amy Rainbow’s Wrapping Session, I’ve spent many hours watching her YouTube videos! These are just the Friday must see list, with so many more choices on Saturday and Sunday I’m still narrowing down.

I’ll be doing daily recap’s here with tons of photo’s can’t wait to see everyone in Chicago!



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